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Little WhatCheck out our first full-length poetry collection  by Jeff Oaks expected release September 2019.

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Little What

Little What by Jeff Oaks. Includes shipping and handling in the USA


Praise for Little What

The poems in ‘Little What’ map a sustained devotion to small details that, under the poet’s attentive scrutiny, blossom repeatedly into surprise and wonder. Jeff Oaks understands the longing and distance that persist even in close physicality, and the mystery that can arise from the familiar. Take, for example, the poem “Sunflower”: the transfer from it to us is gorgeous yet careful, as in full of care. I’ve waited so long for this book to arrive in the world. Savor it.

— Ron Mohring, author of Survivable World

Salt, parsnips, violets, bees with their dance-map of the city—common everyday objects fill these marvelous poems that build themselves like row houses, row houses of wonder with their “little song of nails.” And too there is a formal searching—from sapphics to sonnets—always rigorous in its investigation and always leading us to insight. Here, we find manifestos to queerness as well as a necessary revising of masculinity and the male body—re-telling the personal and cultural stories of brothers, sons, and fathers while asking, trenchantly and with Rilke-like imploring, that we “begin again.

— Brandon Som, author of Babel’s Moon and The Tribute Horse

About the Author

Jeff Oaks is the author of four chapbooks, The Unknown Country, The Moon of Books, Shift, and Mistakes with Strangers. This is his first full-length collection. He has published poems in a number of literary magazines, including Assaracus, Best New Poets, Field, Georgia Review, Missouri Review, Superstition Review, and Tupelo Quarterly.  A recipient of a Pittsburgh Foundation Grant and three Pennsylvania Council of the Arts fellowships,  he teaches writing at the University of Pittsburgh.