Love Is a Shore by Hilary Sallick

Love Is a Shore by Hilary Sallick

poetry by Hilary Sallick


“Hilary Sallick’s pact with herself is to stay open to all varieties and permutations of experience. “Everything is emblem beauty/message   how can I read it,” she writes. Rather than grasping after meaning, she lets what she observes—a crow strolling across a yard, a ladder inside a half-finished house, a shifting shoreline at a familiar beach—speak to her, each in its own way. The discoveries that result encompass sadness and gratitude, self and other, dream-like vision and the manifold truths of the day-to-day. To read this book is to lose ourselves and find ourselves anew, to emerge changed.” 
–Jennifer Barber, author of The Sliding Boat Our Bodies Made

About the Author

Hilary Sallick is the author of Asking the Form (Cervena Barva Press, 2020) and Winter Roses (Finishing Line Press, 2017). A teacher with a longtime focus on adult literacy, she puts poetry at the heart of her curriculum, along with other rich materials, including feathers, shells, and garlic cloves. She’s served as a board member of the New England Poetry Club since 2016. Her deep interest in the intersection of learning, poetry, and community grounds all her work. She lives with her husband in Somerville, MA, where they raised their two children.