Good Harbor by Max Heinegg

Winner of the Paul Nemser Book Prize

Good Harbor by Max Heinegg


What strikes me most about Good Harbor is how full it is—full of tenderness and wisdom, buoyancy and gravitas. Full of life. In poems packed with enviable lines, Heinegg explores what it is to be, prismatically, one and many: husband, father, son, teacher, friend. I loved this book.

—Maggie Smith, author of Good Bones and Goldenrod

About the Author

Max Heinegg was born in Cooperstown, NY, raised in Schenectady,
NY, and now lives in Medford, MA. He earned his BA from Union
College in 1995, and his MAT from Boston University in 1998. He
has been teaching middle and high school English in the Medford
Public Schools since 1998.
He has won the Sidney Lanier Poetry Award, the Emily
Stauffer Poetry Prize, and was a finalist for the poetry prizes of
Asheville Poetry Review, December Magazine, Crab Creek Review,
Cultural Weekly, Rougarou Journal, Cutthroat Journal, Tyckenham
Notes, West Virginia Writers, and the Nazim Hikmet Prize.
He is also a singer-songwriter whose records can be heard
He lives in Medford, MA with his wife and two daughters.