Penitent>Arbiter by Joey Gould

Cover art and layout by Martha McCollough

Penitent >Arbiter by Joey Gould

Poems by Joey Gould


Praise for Penitent>Arbiter

” These poems grapple with trauma and change, and they feel deeply, all this while embracing beauty and gratitude. This verse exists between two poles while opening a door between the linear and fluid past and future.”

Helen Hennessey

Photo credit: Jessica Lynne Furtado/Jess of All Trades

Joey Gould is a queer teacher whose poetry explores faith, grief, longing, birds, & human connection. They wrote The Acute Avian Heart (2019, Lily Poetry Review) while their individual poems have appeared in The Compassion Anthology, Memoir Mixtapes, & beestung. They also write reviews & serve as Poetry Editor for Drunk Monkeys. They have led poetry workshops in schools, libraries, and nursing homes across Massachusetts since 2011. Joey, who recently attended a Sundress Publications residency in Tennessee at Firefly Farms, writes on location at cool-sounding places like Skunk’s Misery, Mount Desert, and Half Moon Beach.