Others will be young


Repeating calls 
of flight-weary     rangeless birds

diswinged     multisexual 

brown and white 
bears mixed 
into ones that     can swim 

but cannot     haul out     to live 
to hear     the 

broom sweep up
debris     and bone

abandoned changes
clang     their final bells     again

choice     a strait     not straight
hemmed in     by fire

we     will be old     when
the elephants     disappear

From Issue Five

ANNA M. WARROCK’s latest book, From the Other Room, is the Slate Roof Press Chapbook Award winner. Besides appearing in The Sun, The Madison Review, Harvard Review, and other journals, her work is anthologized in Kiss Me Goodnight, women writing on childhood mother-loss, a Minnesota Book Award Finalist. Her poems have been choreographed, set to music, and inscribed in a Boston area subway station. She has held seminars on understanding grief and loss through poetry.

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