Issue 4, Summer 2020

An Excerpt from the Letter from the Editor:

Dear Readers,

Lily Poetry Review is pleased to present its fourth issue, which signifies two years that we’ve published beautiful art and writing. The journal would not be possible without submitters. Thanks to all of you who’ve shared your pieces with us.

Whether you hold this journal as a contributor or reader, I hope you will find a writer or an artist to admire. Maybe you’ll be taken by Michael St. Germain‘s abstract drawings or the deft, authentic tenderness of Marcia Karp’s poetry. Perhaps you’ll open this journal straight to Cathy Ulrich’s “Where the World Used to Be.” On thing for sure, you will find a triumph of art or words on whichever page you read.


Write triumphs. Write healing. Write our stories, which are someone else’s stories, write with as much compassion and empathy as we can muster, write as authentically as we can, write what we see, what we know, what we believe. Write. Write more. Write something we never told and write something we’ve told and told and told.

We must tranlsate ourselves to the world with as much technique as needed so that we are clear. We must write in such a way as we resist oppression. Write, so finally, we hear one another.

With Appreciation,

Eileen Cleary
Lily Poetry Review & Lily Poetry Review Books

Issue Four cover: Untitled Drawing by Michael St. Germain

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