The Path

by M. Earl Smith The cicadas droned overhead, and the path smelled of bobcat urine and burnt tires. Of course, Mother wasn’t as familiar with those smells, but she knew they were there, as she mentioned them more than once. Mentioned. Never complained. Mother stared … Continue readingThe Path

Uncle Uncle

by Sam Simon We called him ‘Uncle’ as if his name were ‘Grandpa.’ I remember two things about him: The first is how he’d hunch over at the table, his accent thick with longing for a time when candies were flavored with bitter herbs. The … Continue readingUncle Uncle

Review: Ghosts of You

Review: Ghosts of You by Cathy Ulrich Okay Donkey Press, 2019 ($15.00) Mark Jednaszewski                                                                             If you read flash fiction on web journals, then you already know who Cathy Ulrich is. If you don’t know her, then let me tell you that she is one of … Continue readingReview: Ghosts of You


by Kevin McLellan The heat intensifies as Freddie ascends the stairwell and the suitcase becomes more unwieldy. He opens the letter just outside his apartment door, reads “the biopsy shows no signs of dysplasia…” and places it under his arm with an unopened utility bill. … Continue readingLittoral


by Beth Konkoski When Anna was five, she pretended to watch Belle in her yellow gown bring the forgotten castle to life. The movie, a magic dilemma of unruly furniture and songs, couldn’t hold her attention. She was thinking of the new baby brother who … Continue readingBrother


by Cindy Hunter Morgan When I see a dandelion in my yard, I usually dig it up and throw it in the compost. I know I should eat my dandelions or make wine from them or wait for them to turn to fuzz and then … Continue readingFloret