The Observable Universe by Hannah Larrabee

The Observable Universe

Poetry by Hannah Larrabee


Praise for The Observable Universe

The Observable Universe arrives like a meteor singing the poetic landscape. In this exquisite collection, Hannah Larrabee transforms the everyday into explorations of earthly things. How memory opens the cracks in everything, of which the poet seeks to repair. From volcanos to Smokey Bear’s dating profile, to the songs of full-throated frogs and the brightness of the night sky, these poems show how the “delicate assembly of love” reveals and shapes our 21st century lives. Nothing is quite as it seems. Lustrous in its language, Larrabee illuminates the nature of human expression with every word. As she writes, “The clouds are so low here; I want to know /when they will touch me.”

                                                                —January Gill O’Neil, Author of Glitter Road

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About Hannah Larrabee

Hannah Larrabee’s Wonder Tissue won the Airlie Press Poetry
Prize and was shortlisted for a Massachusetts Book Award. She
has a recent chapbook of poems, Dear Teilhard, exploring climate
change and spirituality out from Nixes Mate Press. Hannah’s had
work appear in Flypaper Lit, River Heron Review, Gertrude Press,
The Maine Review, The Adirondack Review, Glass: A Journal of
Poetry, and elsewhere. Hannah wrote poetry for the NASA James
Webb Space Telescope program and read her work at Goddard
Space Center. She participated in an Arctic Circle Residency with
artists and scientists in October 2022. Hannah received an MFA
from the University of New Hampshire where she studied with
Charles Simic. She taught writing at Northern Essex Community
College and The New Hampshire Institute of Art/New England
College. (pronouns: she/they)