FIELDNOTES by Tommy Archuleta

Cover photogarph: Aldous Register, “Virga”


Poetry by Tommy Archuleta



n Fieldnotes, Tommy Archuleta is witnessing the contemporary, but believing in more. It’s a belief always at crisis, and all the more powerful for that, as those we the earthbound “’Withdraw step/ by step      yes/ But to what.” It’s a realm of dual planes, whereby one consciousness records fieldnotes from the universal terrain of Loss, while another, given wholly to transformative continuance, presents a travel diary out to map a landscape where one never encounters “the same ghost twice.” These notes present unavoidable, necessary evidence, and I’m most thankful for their arrival. 

Johan Gallaher, author of My Life in Brutalist Architecture

About the Author

Tommy Archuleta is a native northern New Mexican. He works as a mental health therapist and substance abuse counselor for the New Mexico Corrections Department. Most recently his work 

has appeared in the New England Review, Laurel Review, Lily Poetry Review, The Cortland Review, Guesthouse, and the Poem-a-Day series sponsored by the Academy of American Poets. His full-length debut collection of poems entitled, Susto, is forthcoming from The Center for Literary Publishing at Colorado State University as a Mountain/West Poetry Series title in collaboration with the National Endowment for the Arts. He lives and writes on the Cochiti Reservation.