Lily Prizes and Nominations

Lily Poetry Review is proud to announce its Pushcart Nominations for 2019:

“Argumentum Ad Lapidem while on an Elliptical” by Steven Cramer
“Incontinent Nostalgia” by Kathy Nilsson
“New School” by Steven Riel
“Vocabulary” by Robbie Gamble
” Last Days in May” by Laure-Anne Bosselaar
“Sonnet for Alphago: Move37” by Sarah Lain

Submission guidelines for the Lily Poetry Prize can be found on our submissions guidelines page. The Prize is officially closed and will re-open in September 2020. Proud member of CLMP.

Congratulations to the  Lily Poetry Review Prize Recipients for 2019 (Look for these poems in  Winter 2019/2020)

First Place: Contingency by Stacey Walker

Second Place: He Soldered Track to Wheel by Alice Turski

Third Place: The Coronation of Summer by Josh Feit