Anthology : Voices Amidst the Virus

We hope you’re well and staying safe and healthy. Lily Poetry Review Books has decided to create a special edition print anthology, Voices Amidst the Virus, and wish to invite you to submit poetry or prose you have been writing or have been wanting to write surrounding Covid-19. We aim to examine our current reality through the perspective of poets from around the country, to build a document of first-hand testaments to carry us into the future.

We seek poetry that engages with any aspect of the Covid-19 pandemic, personal or political, related to the hardships as well as the unexpected joys. Whether from the perspective of a parent, a student, an employee, a patient, a caregiver, a healthcare provider, or simply a human being, we want to highlight voices that are honest and speak to this shared experience. All forms of poetry and prose under 1500 words will be considered.

Once accepted and published we will send a complimentary contributor copy of Voices Amidst the Virus to contributors. We look forward to editing a collection that heralds our voices during this historic time.